family_2.gif How can I help my child?

When reading to your child discuss what is going on in each illustration/picture. The illustrations will help them to find clues that will lead to better comprehension.
Help your child to be independent at dressing him/herself. Just being able to put on their own jacket, hat, shirt, pants will make them feel proud:)
Count whenever you get a chance....count how long it takes for you to wait at a red light until it changes....count how long it takes until it is your turn in line at the store..count things in the kitchen, the bathroom, the living room or just anything in the house.
Purchase a small wipe board to keep in the car for practice writing their name/letters/numbers/shapes or just drawing pictures of anything!
When outside: use sidewalk chalk to practice printing letters, numbers, shapes and words!
While driving in the car or out at the store play word games: find things that rhyme with.... or find letters on street signs...or find things that begin with the letter...
Read to your child every chance you get..not just signs, point to the words as you read!
Start a word of the day! Choose a word and write it on an index card..hang the word in a place that your child will see it several times a day...your child can try to write the word, spell the word or find the word somewhere else (in a book or on a sign, etc.) Review the words on the cards when you get a chance:)
Spend an hour or two in the library when you get a chance--Search the Library for books that may interest your child in either the fiction or the non-fiction area!
Use a digital clock to help your child recognize numbers. Ask your child to read the time to you----Find a clock with an hour and minute hand--begin to help your child read the clock on the hour and then the half hour!
Take out a ruler and walk around the house and measure things with your child!