February 22--George Washington was our first president; his face is on the one dollar bill and on the quarter; he loved horses and loved to ride horses; he also used a feather pen to write his letters (just like Abe Lincoln); he liked to put powder o his hair to keep it nice and white!! We made a George Washington face.

February 26--We are practicing to be more like Jesus during Lent...being a better helper each day is a good way to be more like Jesus! We heard the story: The Never-Forgotten Doll...the little girl in our story decides to purchase a special doll for her elderly babysitter's birthday after she finds out that the old women broke her favorite doll when she was eight years old. We had music class with Mrs. Harris. We also went to gym class with Mr. Oliver.

February 28--We heard the story: A Dog of My Own...Ben and Kelly find a abandoned dog (Duke) and they take care of him and finally Ben takes Duke home for his own:) We are learning a new poem: Leprechaun Stew; Leprechaun Stew; If I don't get some; I don't know what I'll do; Throw away my pot of gold; Throw away my shoe; But don't throw away my Leprechaun Stew. We looked for the upper and lower case Ff and listened for the Ff sound (using the wall computer). Ff is for fish...we colored the upper and lower case Ff!

March 9--We did some marble painting and we also painted using a plastic fork!! We played a letter matching game...we had to name the letter and find it's match on the white board! We have been hearing stories about miracles that Jesus performed...He helped a blind girl see and a sick man get well again.

March 12--We heard the story: If You Give a Pig a Pancake. We finished making our giant Leprechaun. We our learning Springtime/Easter songs (Unicorn Song) in music class. We did bear crawls and baby crawls in gym class today. Some of us used the Do A Dots to decorate a giant egg and a rabbit...tomorrow the rest of us will use the Do A Dots:)