February 6--The 2018 Olympic Games will begin this week...The US Athletes will compete for the Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals. There will be hockey, ice skating, bob sledding, snow skiing and even more sports! We heard the story: Happy Valentine's Day Biscuit...Biscuit made special valentines for the people and animals that he loves and cares about! We practiced printing and tracing our letters in computer class on the I PADS!

February 9--We read: The Little Red Heart...the little red heart wanted to be someone's valentine! We made a little valentine for someone special:) We learned the song: Please be my valentine; please be my valentine; I'll be yours if you'll be mine; Oh please be my valentine (sung to the tune: The Farmer in the Dell) We also learned: Roses are red; Violets are blue; Do You like me? I like you!

February 12--We learned the song: I made a valentine for you...I made a valentine for you; the heart shape says I Love You!; HEART; HEART; HEART; The heart shape says I Love You! (sun got the Bingo tune). We learned how to "sign" I Love You! We sang color songs in Music class and played: Muddy Monsters in Gym class!

February 13--We made a special valentine for someone special:) We marched to the Olympic theme song:) Today is Fat Tuesday...the day that we enjoy our favorite treats for the last time before Ash Wednesday. Ash Wednesday is a day that we receive Ashes on our forehead to remind people about Jesus. We went to Computer Class and practiced printing letters on the I PADS.

February 14--We received Ashes today...today we began Lent (the season when we remember Jesus and practice being more like Jesus) We made a Valentine Tree and danced to Love Train:) We received our Valentines from our school friends!

February 15--We began a special painting project for our School Art Auction! Some of us finished our Olympic Projects (Rings and Torches). We had a great Spanish Class (we are learning our colors; greetings and counting). We only have three more school days until our 100th day of school:) We learned the song: John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt:)

February 20--We helped the 5th Grade today with their States Parade...we walked ahead of them and carried a little flag...their are 50 stars on our flag to represent the 50 states! Abe Lincoln was our 16th president; he wanted everyone to treated the same (just like Jesus and Martin Luther King Jr. Some of us started to make an Abe Lincoln...tomorrow the rest of us will make ours. Jesus loves me and we have 40 days and 40 nights during Lent to practice being more like Jesus.

February 21--Today was our 100th day of school!!! We counted to 100; jumped 100 times; lined up 100 cubes on the table; stacked 100 paper cups on the table; we each got a pair of 100 day glass and a paper 100 dollar bill:) We heard a few 100 day stories (many of the children in the stories had to bring 100 objects to school to share with their friends!) We took advantage of the beautiful day and played outside on the playground!!!

February 22--George Washington was our first president; his face is on the one dollar bill and on the quarter; he loved horses and loved to ride horses; he also used a feather pen to write his letters (just like Abe Lincoln); he liked to put powder o his hair to keep it nice and white!! We made a George Washington face.